It is our policy to react to reports of alleged infringement that follow the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and other intellectual property laws. It is our policy to remove from public view any content that we think, in good faith, has been illegally copied and shared by one of our members or users. It is also our policy to close the accounts of people who break the rules more than once. If we take down or block access to a site to meet with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we will try to get in touch with the site’s owner, author, or administrator so that they can make a counter notification.

If you think that material on our website or that can be accessed through it violates a copyright that you own or are an authorized agent for, please send us a notice of infringement by sending an email to [email protected] with the information listed below.

Please use the following style so that we can handle your request more quickly:

The title of the thread or piece that has the copywritten work in it. The number of the post that has the original work in it. Link to the exact post or article you think has the copywritten material. You can find the “this post” link on each post. Tell what kind of copyright violation you think is happening. Information about how you got the material or how you are related to the person who owns the rights to the material. Give us your full name, address, and phone number in case we need to talk to you about what you say. Give us a valid email address where we can reach you so we can verify your claim. Put in the following sentence: