King Monada Biography: Net Worth 2023, Age, Wife, Real Name, Parents

King Monada Net Worth 2023: $2 million

King Monada is very well-liked and has accomplished a lot of things. If you are looking for how much money King Monada has, here is what you need to know. King Monada is worth about $2 million according to his financial value. This famous singer has made a lot of money since becoming well-known some years ago. In 2018, King Monada became very popular with his song Malwedhe, which lots of people downloaded and listened to online. He made a lot of money from this song and from performing at shows where he charged between 20-50 thousand dollars per show.


King Monada was born in a village called Sebama in Tzaneen Town, located in Limpopo province of South Africa. Later, he moved to another village called Mokgoloboto with his mother. He went to Sebone primary school and Mafutsane high school. He left school because of things going on in his life. He began making music with his uncle in 2006. In the year 2008, he met someone called Tsotsiman who taught him more about music. He hung out with friends who also made music, like Dj Letsatsi, Master Chuza, Skynet, and some other artists. In the beginning of 2015, Molao offered Monada a contract to join his record label called Open Mic. They made two music videos – Rehlalani and Ska bhora moreki. Ska bhora moreki was King Monada’s first popular song in the whole country in 2016. The song was very popular and many people wanted it to win the award for best song of the year. Monada and Open Mic split up. He started his own company called King Monada Music and released a very popular song called Malwedhe(Idibala) that became popular all over the world.


He went to Sebone Primary School and Magoza High School but left in Grade 8 to pursue his music career. Monada met Tsotsiman who taught him more about music. As he spent more time, he made new friends and did music with them too. He made music with some artists like Dj Letsatsi, Master Chuza and others.


As a kid, he went to Sebone Primary School for his basic education. He eventually got into high school and studied at Magoza High School. He started to show his love for music when he was a teenager. So, Monada didn’t complete his 8th year of school because he left to pursue his love for music. It seemed silly because he was young, but it helped him become famous. He left school because he didn’t have enough money and started making music instead. This happened in 2005, when he did music and danced. King Monada’s music is made using the Khelobedu language. He was able to talk to a lot of people in his area because of Khelobedu. He had a hard time with his music because he lived in a rural place called Limpopo. There weren’t many chances for him to learn and practice.


The best musician in Bolobedu grew up with 5 brothers and sisters. His mom’s name is Thandi Matlala and his dad’s name is Elvis Kgatla. He has two younger siblings and two older siblings named Michael and Lucky.


He was born in a village called Mokgolobotho near Bolobedu in the Limpopo province of South Africa on November 25th, 1992. He is currently 30 years old. His birthday is on November 25th and he celebrates it every year.


Monada is a man who is happily married to two wives. He has children and helps others by giving money or volunteering, which makes him a philanthropist. He spends most of his time in his workroom. He has five kids and he is happy with his life.


King Monada – AYE KUWA ft CK THE DJ


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